Murder accused fugitive for 9 years surrenders to court

An accused of murder who had been a fugitive for over nine years, surrendered to Chattogram Court on August 30th and made his statement Monday night.

The Chattogram Metropolitan Police Detective Branch searched for Md Rasel, alias Rashed (31 years old) in Nikli, Kishorganj for eight years, but was unable to locate him or his address.

Md Rafiqul Islam was allegedly killed by the accused after he argued with Doublemooring, a gambling establishment in Chattogram.

2013 was the last report by the Doublemooring police in the case of murder. It stated that the address of an accused could not be found.

The court rejected the final report, and ordered that the Detective Branch re-investigate this murder case.

It took the DB eight years to locate him before it submitted its final report on September 30, 2019, but it also stated that the address of his accuser could not be found.

The final report of the DB was rejected by the court and the Police Bureau of Investigation was directed to investigate the murder case following the appeal of the plaintiff.

According to Naima Sultana, PBI Chattogram metropolitan superintendent on Tuesday, the PBI investigators were charged with the investigation.

New Age was told by her that they located the accused in Kishorgonj in a very short time. They also conducted drives in Kishorgonj in order to arrest him.

Fearing his arrest, Rasel surrendered on August 30 to Chattogram Court and made his statement in court on Monday.

Naima Sultana said that the PBI submitted the charge sheet while Naima Sultana was in custody.


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