Universal College Bangladesh’s official campus inaugurated

On Sunday, Dr Dipu Moni, Education Minister, officially opened the new state-of-the art campus of Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), an exclusive partner of Monash College in Australia.

As the honor guest, Tipu Munshi, Commerce Minister, was present. Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury Nowfel Deputy Minister of Education, Jeremy Bruer, and Dr Sandeep Ananthanarayanan CEO UCB Group joined the ceremony as Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury Nowfel Deputy Minister.

Professor Sarwar Uddin Ahmad, dean of Academic Affairs and Amid Hossain Choudhury (head of marketing), presented a landmark presentation about STS Knowledge City. This is the largest and most important education city in the country.

"We are grateful to Dr Dipu Moni, for her vision and for her forethought in helping transform Bangladesh's education landscape." Universal College Bangladesh offers students in Bangladesh an affordable, top-quality international education. This not only expands future opportunities for students but also saves the nation's foreign currency outflows significantly," stated Bob Kundanmal (chairman of Universal College Bangladesh).

Director Zarif Munir stated that students are guaranteed admission to Monash University in Australia or Malaysia if they complete their programs at UCB.

The UCB is Monash College's exclusive partner, Australia. It is also the only Ministry of Education-approved international educational provider in Bangladesh.

Monash University students can start their journey to a degree right after their O, AS or HSC level by enrolling in Monash College programs at UCB.

Students get the same global academic curriculum and a guaranteed admission to Monash University if they meet all entry requirements. They also pay extremely affordable tuition fees.

Monash University is a top-100 ranked university according to QS 2022 rankings. For more information about their workshops and programs, click here.

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